What We Do

Get Informed. Get Involved. Take Action.

What is Indivisible49?

Indivisible49 is a non-partisan, grassroots political group in California’s 49th Congressional District that resists the Trump Administration’s dismantling of our civil liberties, social protections, and democratic institutions. We are a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to local organizing and action with the goal of defeating or delaying any policy that harms our society or our citizens.  We believe in the principles of inclusion and diversity.

What we do

We are dedicated to peaceful, non-violent resistance, and committed to the democratic process. We act mainly through demonstrations, organizing town hall meetings, canvassing, phone banking,  social networking, and similar activities.  Indivisible 49 is working to focus volunteer efforts on local elections and putting pressure on our currently elected officials. 

Who do you welcome into your group?

We believe in inclusion and diversity. We welcome all people who are willing to resist authoritarianism and the Trump agenda regardless of age, race, sex, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or political party. We recognize that some of us will be more harmed by the Trump administration than others, particularly people of color, immigrants, the disabled, the LGBT community, women, and those whose identities intersect across groups.

How did Indivisible49 get started?

Concerned citizens in California’s 49th Congressional District read the Indivisible Guide and started spreading the word. The group held its kickoff meeting on January 23, 2017. Indivisible49 has evolved and grown since that first meeting, but it has continued to focus on the 49th District.

What is “Indivisible”? Is it a political party?

The Indivisible movement is not a political party. It is a collection groups that have come together to resist authoritarianism and the Trump administration’s assault on our civil liberties, social protections, and democratic institutions.

On December 14, 2016, a handful of former congressional staffers published the first edition of the Indivisible Guide. Word spread quickly. People across the country were alarmed at the turn the country had taken read the guide, organized themselves into groups, and called for others to join them. Within two months, over 3,800 groups had formed. The Indivisible Guide catalyzed the movement, but each group has a focus specific to its own local area and concerns.

How is Indivisible49 related to the national Indivisible organization?

The Indivisible movement grew organically and spontaneously across the country. As with the rest of the Indivisible movement, our ties to other groups rest on common interests, common philosophies, and friendships rather than a formal organizational structure. The national organization does not control us (or any other Indivisible group) and does not provide funds to us.