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As we get further into the primary and the general election, the number of events and calls to action are only going to increase.  We've created a calendar of events so you can view them all in one place.  The "Upcoming Events" calendar is on our website here.  From that page, you can also submit other upcoming events that have not been added to the calendar.  

We will continue to list upcoming events in this newsletter.  
Local Upcoming Events & Calls to Action
Events Join San Diego Democratic Party to Register Voters Calls to Action Donate
CNBC put together a list of charities where you can donate to support victims’ families in Dayton and to support victims' families in El Paso

Weekly To Do List From Indivisible National
  • Ask our senators to publicly demand Mitch McConnell call an emergency session to vote on House-passed gun violence prevention legislation and cosponsor S. 42, Chris Murphy's Background Check Expansion Act. Click here to make your call right now.
  • Organize to tell our representatives to defund Trump’s hateful deportation agenda by cutting funding to ICE and CBP in this September’s budget fight. Check out our Defund Hate toolkit to start mobilizing.
  • Show up to ask the hard questions and get our MoCs on the record, publicly supporting a formal impeachment inquiry in the House. (If ten episodes of obstruction of justice weren't enough, inciting domestic terrorism and hate crimes should be. He's unfit for office and there is a mechanism in place to remove him). We have everything you need at our new Impeachment August campaign site here.
  • Call on senators and 2020 candidates to get real about how we get any of this done and commit to ending the filibuster in 2021, so we can finally pass gun control legislation, and all of the bold policies we badly need. Read our full explainer here, and keep an eye out for more opportunities for action. 
  • Finally, let’s gear up for the next presidential debates on Thursday, September 12 (and potentially an additional night on Friday, September 13) in Houston, Texas. Insist on meaningful plans from all of the 2020ers on issues like immigration, fighting white nationalism, and addressing gun violence.
Good Reads 2020 Primary FAQ
Make sure all of your family, friends, and neighbors know how to check their voter registration and are aware of key dates, by sending them this FAQ by the San Diego County Democratic Party.  Key Dates for the 2020 Primary:
  1. Monday, February 17: Last day to register to vote at a poll or by mail (received, not postmarked)
  2. February 18 - March 3: Register late and vote conditionally at the Registrar of Voters Office
  3. Tuesday, February 25: Last day to request a Vote-by-Mail (VBM) ballot (received, not postmarked)
  4. Tuesday, March 3: Election Day and last day for a Vote-by-Mail (VBM) ballot to be postmarked
Mueller Report Resources
Here are a few places where you can get break downs of the Mueller report:   Read the full Mueller Report here from NPR
Texas Trump Hotel
Check out this new song, Texas Trump Hotel,  with lyrics by an Indivisible49 member, Jeff Cours!  Singer - songwriter Lee Coulter composed the music and produced the song.  We are so excited!  You can also find it on Spotify.
Send Us Your Videos
We want to share Indivisible49 photos and videos on our website, Facebook, and other social media sites.  If you take photos at an event with us, please send them to 
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