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Message from Congressman Duncan Hunter

For the past four weeks, Congressman Hunter’s offices in El Cajon and Temecula has accepted meetings with protest groups to discuss their concerns on a variety of issues including health care, immigration reform, the Trump Administration and the request for Congressman Hunter to hold a town hall meeting. We have accommodated every request, regardless of size, and the subject of these discussions has been directly conveyed to Congressman Hunter on a regular basis. 

Despite repeated requests to the leaders of these groups for cooperation, our office has consistently experienced protest participants filming in the office against our policy. Constituents visiting the office for assistance, including refugees and immigrants, found their way impeded and were in some cases intimidated to enter. Our neighbors have had their businesses disrupted and we have witnessed local law enforcement being disrespected, which is unacceptable. 

As a result, Congressman Hunter has made the decision that his office will no longer be accepting meeting requests with these groups or their representatives and, while protests are obviously allowed on public areas in accordance with local code, it should be noted that visitors who do not leave the congressional office when asked to do so are trespassing. As always, constituents are encouraged to communicate with Congressman Hunter through his website,, or by mail. Congressman Hunter will also be hosting a town hall meeting in the coming weeks, details will be provided very soon to ensure those who wish to participate will have the information to do so. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Mike Harrison


Deputy Chief of Staff, Congressman Duncan Hunter

1611 N Magnolia Ave, Suite 310

El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 448-5201

Allison Stratton