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Was Rep. Darrell Issa really hiding from constituents on a rooftop? Depends on whom you ask. - Washington Post

Photos and video emerged Tuesday of Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) standing on top of a roof as protesters chanted “Shame on Issa!” below. A narrative quickly emerged — nudged along by his 2018 opponent — that Issa was hiding from constituents on the roof. But was he?

Let's start from the beginning. Issa's 2018 opponent, Mike Levin, a California lawyer, said in an interview on Tuesday that the protesters rally across the street from Issa's Vista, Calif., district office each Tuesday.

“I don't even like calling them protesters,” Levin said. “They're constituents of Issa, and they're fed up.”

Levin said one protester offered Issa a plate of toast — an apparent attempt to say, “You're toast in 2018.”

Issa subsequently went inside the building, according to Levin. A few minutes later, he emerged on the roof. Levin took a photo and tweeted it out, with a caption that said Issa was “too afraid to come speak with assembled constituents below.”

Liz From