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What's up in Congress? - Week of June 19th

Legislative Briefing for Week of 6.19.17


TrumpCare and the Senate - What’s happening and what can we do?

The Senate has been creating a health bill behind closed doors that will likely come up for a vote soon. Why can’t we tell you what’s in it? Because we don’t know. In fact, many in the Senate and the Secretary of Health, Tom Price, don’t know either. So, who is deciding the fate of our health? A panel of 13 men. Our two Democratic senators oppose the bill but it’s not enough. What more can be done? Two things! First, our Senators can “withhold consent.” In order for business to proceed as usual, Senators normally waive some rules so that the Senate can get something done. Senators can say no to waiving those rules and bring business to a halt until there is more transparency and a budget score has been created. Second, they can filibuster by amendment. What’s that mean? In order to pass this bill, the GOP has to allow the attachment of an unlimited amount of amendments (or changes to the bill). Dem senators can bring the bill to a halt if they continue to add amendments until the GOP agrees to hold public hearings on the bill. If you believe that the health care of millions of Americans is more important than the Senate’s ancient aristocratic traditions of playing nice, tell our Senators that opposing is not enough. They must reject TrumpCare by taking decisive action!


In Congress This Week:

House- Check in here for the schedule this week!


Issa’s activities: (Local section)

In the News: What Rep. Darrell Issa thinks of the Resistance movement: “They’re pathetic. There were almost none. There’s a couple million people in the surrounding communities and to have those few tells you the real momentum of this movement has really died. The same has been happening at our office where they come every Tuesday. There’s less every week.”- Darrell Issa, LA Times. 6/16 - Former CA congresswoman Ellen Tauscher and strategic adviser Katie Merrill on Friday launched “Fight Back California,” a California-specific super PAC aimed at winning seven competitive California congressional districts in the midterm election next year. They plan to focus on local issues and each of the districts will have an individualized approach.


Highlights of Congressional Legislation:


HR 2884 Covfefe Act. Thought you were done with that word? Think again. This bill would archive every piece of presidential social media (including tweets) so that it could not be deleted. NEW BILL

S 1339 Foreign Surveillance Act. Read: Big Brother extending further into your life. NEW BILL

H Res 382 Provide for consideration of TrumpCare bill. This bill sets rules for debate and amendments when the ACHA is passed from the Senate back to the house. They are preparing. Get ready!  NEW BILL


Recommended Action: Call your Senators and say that talk is not enough. We expect them to withhold consent on all business and filibuster by amendment until there are hearings and a CBO score for the ACHA.


*** This briefing brought to you by Indivisible 49. This is not a comprehensive list. This is made by citizens just like you. We ask that you read it critically--not accepting it as the truth but engaging in it actively. Together, we can figure out what’s really going on, and bust some serious Congressional balls in the process. Click here to get involved.




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