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Week of 5.8.17

Legislative Briefing for Week of 5.8.17



Well darlings, you win some, you lose some. Obviously, we are all heartbroken over the passage of TrumpCare in the House. We should, at least, be heartened by the adoption of a budget that kept money flowing to many causes that are dear to our hearts.


Now is the time to be vocal about how reprehensible and irresponsible it was for Issa (and every Rep who said Yea to TrumpCare) to vote for a bill that did not have a budget assessment or one public hearing. No one even had time to read the bill. Not to mention, it will harm millions of Americans. But the worst thing is: the GOP doesn't even know how it will affect us. They got a notch on their belts at our expense. Make your anger felt. Call Issa or your Rep no matter if they are a Dem or from the GOP. Attend a rally! Make your voice heard!


In Congress This Week:

House: On Recess

Senate: Confirmations


Issa’s activities: (Local section)

5/2 – Issa’s “terse” reply to reporters asking his position on the GOP’s AHCA as he waited for an elevator on the House floor was “None of your business.” Followed up with “You’re not a constituent,” to a The Hill reporter!

5/3 – Issa is one of 5 bipartisan representatives to form the “Reality Caucus”, or Congressional Caucus on Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Technologies, to foster information sharing between Congress and the technology industry. (*He should join a “Reality Check Caucus” after this week’s debacle!)



Monitoring Closely:


HR 354 Defund Planned Parenthood Act

HR 1021/S361 To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to deem specified terrorist activities as a renunciation of nationality

S 295/276 Divide Ninth Circuit into two and add more federal judges for Trump to appoint

HR 781 Allow charitable organizations (churches) to make political statements EXEC ORDER SIGNED!

HR 727 To prohibit federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting after 2019  

HR 861 Eliminate EPA

HR 1510 Elimination of Department of Education

HR 1431/1430 Both interfering with EPA and scientific process. Passed House. On to Senate.

HR 2090 Require Voter ID law

S 993 Prohibit the Federal Communications Commission from reclassifying broadband Internet access service as a telecommunications service and from imposing certain regulations on providers. NEW BILL!

HR 2227 Modernize Government Information Technology NEW BILL!



Recommended Action:  Call Issa/Your Rep and express your displeasure with passing of a Health bill that no one read, had no budget score, no period for public comment, and will hurt millions of Americans.


*** This briefing brought to you by Indivisible 49. This is not a comprehensive list. This is made by citizens just like you. We ask that you read it critically--not accepting it as the truth but engaging in it actively. Together, we can figure out what’s really going on, and bust some serious Congressional balls in the process. Click here to get involved!


Carly DeMento