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Legislative Briefing for Week of 5.22.17

In Congress This Week:

House: BAD BILL COMING UP WED! Wednesday, the House is voting on HR 953 (Reducing regulations on discharges of pesticides, fungicides, insecticides into navigable waters.) The other votes scheduled for this week are pertaining to veterans and child safety.

Senate: Senate legislation is beginning to move. Many votes on the horizon! Stay tuned!



Issa’s activities: (Local section)

In the News:

  • Issa made national headlines for flipping off a reporter when she asked him about the report that 45 had told Comey to stop investigating Flynn. Issa denies he did. We know better.

  • Issa supports Mueller as special prosecutor. Now, he is also saying that this is a nonpartisan investigation and says it was Russia’s interference that was criminal.

  • After 45 said the Russian investigation is a “witch hunt,” Issa responded strangely by saying, “I don’t believe in witches.”

  • Every chance he can get, Issa says he was the first to recommend a special prosecutor.  We know that he mentioned it one time on tv and walked it back the very next day.

Appearances: Issa has (supposedly!) scheduled a Town Hall for May 31st in Oceanside


Monitoring Closely:


HR 354 Defund Planned Parenthood Act GAINING MOMENTUM!

HR 1021/S361 To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to deem specified terrorist activities as a renunciation of nationality

S 295/276 Divide Ninth Circuit into two and add more federal judges for Trump to appoint

HR 781 Allow charitable organizations (churches) to make political statements

HR 727 To prohibit federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting after 2019  

HR 861 Eliminate EPA

HR 1510 Elimination of Department of Education

HR 1431/1430 Both interfering with EPA and scientific process. Passed House. On to Senate.

HR 2090 Require Voter ID law

S 993 Prohibit the Federal Communications Commission from reclassifying broadband Internet access service as a telecommunications service and from imposing certain regulations on providers.

S 34 Midnight Rules Relief Act (Senate bill to Issa’s House Bill) VOTE COMING SOON!

S 1126 Prevent certain federal funding to sanctuary cities NEW BILL!



Recommended Action:  Call both Senators (CA) and thank them for all they’ve done to obstruct 45’s agenda so far. Ask them to continue to stand up to the GOP and insist that there is no business as usual until investigations are truly underway.


*** This briefing brought to you by Indivisible 49. This is not a comprehensive list. This is made by citizens just like you. We ask that you read it critically--not accepting it as the truth but engaging in it actively. Together, we can figure out what’s really going on, and bust some serious Congressional balls in the process. Click here to get involved.

Carly DeMento