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Legislation Briefing for Week of 4.10.17

In Congress This Week: Congress on Two Week Easter Recess

Updates from last week: (It was a busy week!)

Russia- Nunes steps aside from Russia probe. The two who are replacing him, Conaway (in Trump’s pocket) and Gowdy, are no good either but the American people (that’s you) will hold their feet to the fire right? :)

Health Care- Infighting amongst GOP. Alt-conservative lobbying groups to put pressure on moderates over recess about new bill amendments to dismantle preexisting conditions clause of ACA. Takeaway: Stay vigilant.

Gorsuch/Senate- Gorsuch confirmed as Supreme Court justice. Filibuster of SCOTUS nominees is no longer. Implications: legislative filibuster dismantling could be next. Gorsuch likely to affect decisions on second amendment, voting rights, and separation of church and state this spring.

Syria- Firstly, tears and prayers for the Syrian people. Next: Democratic leadership insists that 45 must come to Congress to approve acts of war.

Issa’s activities: (Local section)

Introduced new bills HR 1879/S 812 (Promoting Automotive Repair, Trade and Sales, PARTS Act) and HR 1914 (Performance Royalty Owners of Music Opportunity To Earn, PROMOTE Act). Issa will most likely be home for at least some of the next two weeks. His job is to act on behalf of his constituents and yet he won’t tell us where he will be or when. If you see he is going to be somewhere, get the word out on social media and notify your local activist groups immediately.


Monitoring Closely:



HR 354 Defund Planned Parenthood Act


HR 1021/S361 To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to deem specified terrorist activities as a renunciation of nationality

S 295/276 Divide Ninth Circuit into two and add more federal judges for Trump to appoint

HR 781 Allow charitable organizations (churches) to make political statements

HR 727 To prohibit federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting after 2019  

HR 861 Eliminate EPA

HR 1510 Elimination of Department of Education.

HR 1431/1430 Both interfering with EPA and scientific process. Passed House. On to Senate..

HR 1718 Another bill to repeal the ACA.

S 806 Amend Education Act to Ensure College for All. Bernie Sanders’ bill. NEW BILL!

HJ Res 61 Flag-burning ban Gaining momentum!

HR 352 State Health Flexibility Act- Block Grants Gaining Momentum!

S 893 A bill to repeal the current Internal Revenue Code and replace it with a flat tax, thereby guaranteeing economic growth and fairness for all Americans. NEW BILL!

Recommended Action: Over two week Easter recess choose one or more of these issues to call your Rep or attend a march/rally about: 1) Reminding Trump that he needs congressional approval to go to war. 2) Opposing any health care legislation that would punish older folks, women, children and people with lower income etc. 3) Insisting that Trump release his tax returns/cease conflicts of interest and 4) Continue to insist on independent investigation of Trump’s ties with Russia.

***This is not a comprehensive list. This is made by citizens just like you. We ask that you read it critically--not accepting it as the truth but engaging in it actively. Together, we can figure out what’s really going on, and bust some serious Congressional balls in


Allison Stratton