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Legislative Briefing for Week of 3.26.17

Well, the House is so confounded that the schedule for this next week is not even up yet. Good work y’all!

As reported yesterday by the media, TrumpCare or RyanCare, whichever you want to call it, was withdrawn from the House. It does not appear that it will be revived. All signs point to the importance of turning our focus now to the vast array of terrible bills going through Congress right now; the GOP is about to change direction and as of yet, we do not know which way it will be. Our guess is abortion/women’s health; dismantling public education or allowing churches to make political statements.

Issa has continued to be slippery and despicable saying this week that he was doubling-down on “the millions of Californians” who are “depending on us to replace Obamacare once and for all” and then being non-committal about which way he was going to vote up until the last minute.

We will continue to provide Legislative Updates as soon as we have more information to share. 

Allison Stratton