What's going on in Congress?

This Week in Congress: Senate to vote on TrumpCare

GOP Senators will try to push through their irresponsible health care bill this week. Crafted in secret by 13 men, the bill will shape one sixth of the American economy and has had no congressional hearings, not received a budget score and was hastily crafted behind closed doors. Shame on the GOP! Five senators currently publicly oppose the bill--three of those believe that the bill is not conservative enough. 

Let's continue to press our Democratic Senators to do anything and everything they can to stop business from moving forward in the Senate and oppose this bill. We still have an opportunity to change the outcome--if not for yourself, for the millions of poorer, older Americans this bill will affect. Make your voice heard!

Carly DeMento
Congress: Week of June 12th

Lots going on in Congress! A series of terrible bills related to voting rights, foreign surveillance, religion, and restructuring the judicial branch to favor the GOP were introduced last week in the House and Senate. In the Senate, the health care bill is on the fast track- with McConnell clearing the need for the bill to go through committees to come straight to the floor for a vote. Let’s keep up the pressure!

Carly DeMento
Legislative Briefing for Week of 5.30.17

Happy Memorial Day weekend y'all!

Congress is on recess for Memorial Day. This is a great week to put pressure on both Senators to not accept TrumpCare in any form that it takes. Make sure to let Senators know we are watching them and will not accept compromise when it comes to the health of millions of Americans.

Carly DeMento
Legislative Briefing for Week of 5.22.17

In the space of a week, a lot can happen, right?! 45 is busy digging his own grave but we must not get so focused on the drama, that we forget what this all comes down to: we need to win back Congress (and state and local governments) in 2018. The GOP has lost its way. And is obviously so corrupt, immoral, and cowardly, that it would throw our democracy under the bus to move its agenda forward. Let’s not trust them to get us out of this. We, the people, are our country's best and brightest hope! We must put our backs into it, kick these clowns back to where they came from, and steer our nation back towards democracy. 

Organize. Resist. Be beacons in this dark time for our country.

Carly DeMento
Week of 5.8.17

Well darlings, you win some, you lose some. Obviously, we are all heartbroken over the passage of TrumpCare in the House. We should, at least, be heartened by the adoption of a budget that kept money flowing to many causes that are dear to our hearts.


Now is the time to be vocal about how reprehensible and irresponsible it was for Issa (and every Rep who said Yea to TrumpCare) to vote for a bill that did not have a budget assessment or one public hearing. No one even had time to read the bill. Not to mention, it will harm millions of Americans. But the worst thing is: the GOP doesn't even know how it will affect us. They got a notch on their belts at our expense. Make your anger felt. Call Issa or your Rep no matter if they are a Dem or from the GOP. Attend a rally! Make your voice heard!

Carly DeMento
Week of 5.1.17

First of all, congratulations on the end of the first 100 days! We accomplished a lot because we came together!!

Though disasters were averted over the budget at the ACA repeal last week, continue to keep these two issues at the front of your mind. The new budget deadline is this Friday! 

Carly DeMento
Week of April 24th, 2017: Budget and Possible ACA Repeal

Big week ahead! Negotiations are under way for the budget bill which must be passed on Friday, April 28th by midnight to avoid a fed gov’t shutdown. (Right around when 45’s 100 days are up. Good work team! We got baby to whine. sad.) Hot button issues are funding the wall (wow, that’s a really bad  idea) and the fate of the health subsidies for the ACA. Keep the pressure on! New ACA repeal bill in the pipeline. It is a lot like the previous bill--a main feature that states could opt out of provisions such as “preventing insurers from raising an individual's premium based on that person's health.” (read: Penalizing sick people with preexisting conditions.) The Freedom Caucus has signaled that will most likely back the bill. 

Carly DeMento
Legislative Briefing for Week of 4.17.17

Though the GOP appears to be stuck in a gridlock over health care, 45 is threatening to take away subsidies if Dems don’t come to the table. Stay away Dems and keep up pressure with calls/rallies/in-person meetings! 

Keep an eye on Georgia this Tuesday where a special election in Georgia’s District 6 is surprisingly close in an extremely Republican district. There are 19 Indivisible groups in District 6 alone--GO TEAM GO! We lost the recent Kansas District 4 special election BUT it was close--this in a district where Trump won 27% of vote. Momentum is building for 2018--keep up the good work!


Carly DeMento
Legislation Briefing for Week of 4.10.17

In Congress This Week: Congress on Two Week Easter Recess

Updates from last week: (It was a busy week!)

Russia- Nunes steps aside from Russia probe. The two who are replacing him, Conaway (in Trump’s pocket) and Gowdy, are no good either but the American people (that’s you) will hold their feet to the fire right? :)

Health Care- Infighting amongst GOP. Alt-conservative lobbying groups to put pressure on moderates over recess about new bill amendments to dismantle preexisting conditions clause of ACA. Takeaway: Stay vigilant.

Gorsuch/Senate- Gorsuch confirmed as Supreme Court justice. Filibuster of SCOTUS nominees is no longer. Implications: legislative filibuster dismantling could be next. Gorsuch likely to affect decisions on second amendment, voting rights, and separation of church and state this spring.

Syria- Firstly, tears and prayers for the Syrian people. Next: Democratic leadership insists that 45 must come to Congress to approve acts of war.

Allison Stratton
Legislative Briefing for Week of 4.3.17

House: In the House on Monday, there is a bill designating North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism (HR 479). On Tues, House is considering HR1343, raising the limit to 10million dollars for securities reporting. On Wed, the GOP is tweaking health insurance rules with HR 1304. And on Thurs, they are returning to helping rich people with HR 1219. EPA is under fire. Bills HR 1430 and HR 1431 just passed the House and are moving to the Senate. HR 861, Eliminating the EPA, might come to a vote soon.

Senate: The Senate is voting on the nomination of Gorsuch next week. Feinstein has not said which way she will vote. Harris is on board for a filibuster.

Allison Stratton
Legislative Briefing for Week of 3.26.17

Well, the House is so confounded that the schedule for this next week is not even up yet. Good work y’all!

As reported yesterday by the media, TrumpCare or RyanCare, whichever you want to call it, was withdrawn from the House. It does not appear that it will be revived. All signs point to the importance of turning our focus now to the vast array of terrible bills going through Congress right now; the GOP is about to change direction and as of yet, we do not know which way it will be. Our guess is abortion/women’s health; dismantling public education or allowing churches to make political statements.

Allison Stratton
Legislative Briefing for Week of 3.12.17

House: Introduced ACA Repeal/Replace Bill and also, passed it through two committees without a budget estimate. Week of 3/13, it is supposed to go through the Budget committee, and then the Rules committee. Finally, they are hoping to have it on the floor of the House for a vote on 3/23. These bills were drafted hastily without the Health Secretary in the country. When the ACA passed, Obama held 79 hearings over the course of a year, heard from 181 witnesses and accepted 121 amendments. This bill will affect millions and the GOP and Trump are trying to push it through Congress in just three weeks to score some kind of notch on their belts. Check each committee the bill will go through to see if your Rep is on it and if they are, call.
Senate: Overturning more Obama-era legislation. 

Allison Stratton