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Tuesday Rally at Issa's Vista Office - Protect DACA

  • Darrell Issa's Vista Office 1800 Thibodo Road Vista, CA, 92081 United States (map)

To appease his base, 45 has decided to go after DACA. Here is a great article frrom the Washington Post about one of the reasons why: 45 has "overpromised his base"--and is looking for easy ways to appease them. Hopefully you can read the article HERE. (You may need to subscribe to WaPo to see it.)

But here's the important part of the article for us:
"SOME REPUBLICANS URGE TRUMP TO KEEP DACA: A group of California Republicans in the House sent a letter to Trump, urging him to keep protections in place for those brought here as children."
Read the letter--you'll see that Issa is not one of the signers! I just can't figure out why Issa continues to support a losing presidency. Why is he not representing ALL of us?

So bring your signs, your energy and your friends! 

We were 356 strong last week. Issa is still in town--let's show him what we stand for!

AVOID THE COUNTER-PROTESTERS - Please read this! I don't know if they are coming again this week. I'm asking that you do NOT stand with them. Last week, the people who mixed with the counter-protesters were counted with them. While there were only about a dozen, maybe 20 of them, the press reported there were 50. That's because they counted our people in with theirs. It's important that we keep separate from them for both safety reasons and so people can see that they really are a pitifully small group of people.

Notes about our rallies:

  1. Please bring sunscreen, water, a fan or umbrella, and even a small spray bottle so you can mist yourself and your neighbors.
  2. Please stay off the grass! It is private property and we don't want you to get a ticket for trespassing :(
  3. We will have legal observers at this rally and at all future rallies. They are there to observe, not interact with us. Please respect that.
  4. If you have mobility challenges, please pull into Issa's parking lot. We have parking permits for you. Look for a Peace Patrol volunteer with a yellow vest.


  1. Pastor Matthew Palm of Hope Church at 1755 Thibodo Rd offers their parking lot to promote public safety (he recognizes the danger of people parking illegally on Thibodo Rd), and emphasized that the church does not take sides in politics.
  2. If you are not parking at the church, please park on the street vs Issa's parking lot.
  3. If you park on Thibodo Rd, be sure your car is not blocking the traffic lane.If you do, you'll probably get a ticket.
  4. Please park away from the building on both sides of the street.