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What YOU can do each day for the 60 days leading up to the election

Day 58 - Call Senators to #SaveSCOTUS and #StopKavanaugh

Day 58 (9/10) 

Keep calling! Feinstein is still only a "Lean Oppose" according to Indivisible's Senator Tracker. Let's keep reminding Senator Harris that we support her efforts to shed light on Kavanaugh's awful record, and remind Senator Feinstein that we OPPOSE his nomination.  

  • Senator Harris DC Office - (202) 224-3553
  • Senator Feinstein DC Office - (202) 224-3841

Hashtags for social media:  #60DaysOfAction, #CA49, #GetOutTheVote, #FlipThe49th, #SaveSCOTUS, #STOPKavanaugh

Bekah Ewig