Our Structure

Our organization is separated into committees.  If you'd like more information or you'd like to join one, please contact the committee lead.


Lead: Kathy Michaels

Overall coordination of the group, scheduling group meetings, coordinating group communication, leading the group in planning and strategy for local action and preparing the weekly newsletter. 


Lead: Carly Demento

Keeping track of legislative issues that Issa is concerned with/voting on, and letting the group know. Tracking Issa's schedule, events and upcoming votes.

Social Media

Lead: Ryan Ewig

Coordinating our outreach on Facebook and Twitter.


Lead: Allison Stratton

Creating and managing the website for Indivisible 49.


Lead: Ellen Montanari

Planning events and outreach for Indivisible 49 members (i.e. protests, demonstrations, marches, sit-ins, meetings with Issa’s office, Town Halls, etc.).