Our Team

Our Team


Misty O'Healy

Bekah Ewig

Ellen Montanari

Jeff Cours

Allison Stratton


Events and Rapid Response

Organize member events including rallies, needs at the border, the latest 45 emergencies, member meetings, and participate in Indivisible49 tables at various conferences. 

Partnerships / Sister Groups

Outreach to ally groups throughout the community to build partnerships and coordinate Indivisible49 support of their events.

Local Activism

Track local city council meetings and coordinate with NCCLC to keep Indivisible49 members aware of upcoming calls to action and upcoming agenda items on those meetings.

CA State Strong

Indivisible CA: StateStrong is a coalition of grassroots Indivisible groups across the state using their constituent power to influence the state legislature to advance progressive policy. By empowering California constituents to make their voices heard in Sacramento, we aim to pass progressive policy in California to lay the groundwork for change that can spread to other states and eventually the whole country!  This team will work with CA: State Strong on important legislation that needs to be passed and keep members alerted as to when action needs to be taken on state legislation.

Constituent Lobby

The Constituent Lobby is a collaborative grassroots lobbying project. They connect with other Indivisible teams throughout the country who have members of congress on the same committees as Congressman Mike Levin. By teaming up with other groups, we will have more influence over legislation.

Special Projects

Lead and participate in special projects.

Want to join one of our teams?

If you’d like to join one of our leadership teams, join us at our next member meeting. You can sign-up for our newsletter here, where more information and invites are sent for member meetings.