Our Structure

Our organization is separated into committees. If you'd like more information or you'd like to join one, please contact the committee lead.


Lead: Bekah Ewig

Overall coordination of the group, scheduling group meetings, coordinating group communication, leading the group in planning and strategy for local action. 


Lead: Carly Demento

Keeping track of legislative issues that Issa is concerned with/voting on, and letting the group know. Tracking Issa's schedule, events and upcoming votes.

Social Media

Lead: Ryan Ewig

Coordinating our outreach on Facebook and Twitter.

Traditional Media/PR

Lead: Mary Mancera

Tracking news about Issa on traditional media. Pitching news media to cover our group’s demonstrations or other outreach to Issa’s office, coordinating the writing and distribution of letters to the editor.

Group Liaison

Lead: Sarah Lifton

Being our liaison between other groups in the 49th District, other Indivisible Groups in CA, and Indivisible national.


Lead: Allison Stratton

Creating and managing the website for Indivisible 49.


Lead: Ellen Montanari

Planning events and outreach for Indivisible 49 members (i.e. protests, demonstrations, marches, sit-ins, meetings with Issa’s office, Town Halls, etc.).


Lead: Jeff Cours

Researching available resources regarding Congressman’s activities while in office, i.e. fundraising, Freedom of Information Act requests, etc.


Filing organization status, setting up bank account, tracking donations, etc.


Lead: Don King

Planning and implementing tools to facilitate growth and communication of our rapidly expanding organization.